Our policy

"Our customers are the focus of our decisions and actions. Their satisfaction is the guarantee of our success."

Selectarc Group's aim is to meet in every aspect the expectations of the largest clients in the industrial sectors in which we operate and their suppliers. This ambition is the guiding principle of the company's shareholders, management, and staff.

Selectarc Group regularly and continuously makes major efforts in all its units to:

  • Moving upmarket;
  • Giving oneself new means;
  • Increasing the visibility of its commercial brand;
  • Continuously activate continuous improvement;

To be a player recognized in France and internationally for its skills, knowledge and the quality of the welding and brazing products it supplies.

Our quality approach

Selectarc Group emphasizes the importance of a strong quality and safety culture among its employees, both in France and abroad.

Our quality approach is part of an overall objective to improve the performance of our organization to increase the confidence of our customers and prospects and to enhance the quality of our products.

We rely on a quality management system that complies with :

  • The regulations and standards in force;
  • The quality policy;

Our priorities are as follows:

  • To listen actively and all the time to all our customers in order to understand their needs;
  • To ensure the safety of people and property;
  • To respond clearly and quickly to our customers' requests;
  • Improve our productivity and operational efficiency in all processes;
  • Identify and eliminate malfunctions that affect our activities;
  • Ensuring that skills and resources are in line with the results to be achieved;
  • To demand the best performance from all the company's staff, as well as from its suppliers and partners;
  • Increase the company's visibility on its markets and its specific knowledge;
  • Guarantee the reliability of the products;
  • Taking risks into account;
  • Measures to combat counterfeit, suspect and fraudulent items.

Controlling our process

Our objectives are reflected in the following priorities

Controlling the quality of our products by :

  • An incoming inspection of the materials;
  • A control during production;
  • A final control;
  • Regular product audits;

Control of our suppliers through :

  • Qualification of our suppliers;
  • Qualification of initial samples;
  • Periodic evaluation of our suppliers' performance;

Control of our supply chain through: Safety stock for "Best Sellers" items

  • A safety stock for "Best Sellers" items;
  • A customer supply chain (open order, consignment stocks);
  • Export approval for both factories (customs simplifications);

Involvement of our staff through:

  • Quality training adapted to their function;
  • Transparent communication.

Our certifications

For Selectarc Group, quality is a permanent commitment.

Our manufacturing plants have been committed to a common and rewarding ISO 9001 certification for over 20 years.

This is the assurance of the control of our organization to give confidence to our customers and prospects and deliver high quality products.

For the welding part, although the main thread of our organization is based on ISO 9001, other standards such as EN 9100 for aeronautical and space activities, the ASME III code NCA-3800 & 4200, 10CFR50, 10CFR21 and the RCC-M code for nuclear activities are taken into account to meet the requirements of our customers and major principals.

For specific activities, the welding plant is certified according to KTA 1408.2, the German nuclear standard for consumables.

Download the ISO 9001 certificates of the 2 plants.

For the welding part, the manufacturing plant has obtained several approvals from notable bodies such as TÜV, BV (Bureau Veritas), LR (Lloyd's Register), DB (Deutsche Bahn), CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau), DNV GL for a range of welding filler metals.

The welding plant is also certified for a range of filler metals in accordance with:

  • The European Pressure Vessel Directive 97/23/EC (PED);
  • Directive 2014/68/EU;
  • European regulation 305/2011 (regulation on construction products);

For the brazing part, the factory has obtained approvals by Certigaz for capillary brazing filler materials for steel or copper gas pipes covered by ATG specifications B.521 and B.524.

On request, please contact us.

Our approvals and customer references

Certificat VdTUV-Merkblatt_1153_Rev.01_en
Certificat_KTA1408 2_en_Rev.01
Certificat marquage CE_EN13479-Rev3_en