Our History

A strong and sustainable industrial and financial dynamic

Selectarc Group, owner of the Selectarc activities, is the Welding and Brazing division of Viellard Migeon & Compagnie, a French family group created in 1796 by Juvénal VIELLARD.


Viellard Migeon & Compagnie has been developing the industrial heritage of its founders for over 200 years. The "industrial memory" of our shareholders remains a tool that helps them build their vision of the future.

Beyond its history, Viellard Migeon & Compagnie also draws its strength from the loyalty of its family shareholders, the competence of its staff and the consistency of its profits. Selectarc's vision of long-term development and value creation is shared by all members of the group and is based on innovation, quality and partnership

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Key dates

1948: Creation by Mr André REBOUD in Roche-Lez-Beaupré (France, Doubs) of the Etablissement Reboud Roche foundry, specializing in the production of brazing alloys.

1952: Creation by Mr André VIELLARD of a manufacturing unit for coated electrodes within the Forges de Saint Hippolyte company located in Grandvillars (France, Belfort Territory).

1999: Les Forges de Saint Hippolyte diversifies its activity by acquiring the company Etablissement Reboud-Roche, a producer of filler metals for brazing (copper and silver).

2000: The early 2000s are marked by the establishment of commercial structures in France, Argentina and England, with the creation of distribution subsidiaries in each of these countries.

2001: Les Forges de Saint-Hippolyte became the FSH Welding Group, a holding company set up to better structure the Group's various entities within a single organization. In that year, Selectarc Industries takes over the manufacturing of arc welding electrodes.

2003: acquisition of FP SOUDAGE, a special alloy (aluminum and steel) wire drawing company for welding, created in 1974, for applications in the nuclear and aerospace industries in particular, with worldwide exclusivity on the drawing of Aubert & Duval steels. At the same time, FSH Welding Group established itself in Canada through the acquisition of a distribution entity based in Montreal.

2008: FSH Welding Group continues its development and sets up in new growth markets by creating the FSH Welding India subsidiaries (based in Mumbai).

2014: Completion of the construction of the new Selectarc Welding factory in Grandvillars and establishment in these premises of the laboratory and technical teams, the manufacturing of coated welding electrodes, the drawing of TIG and MIG wires and other special wires, as well as the logistics base.

2015: Establishment of a sales office in the United Arab Emirates.

2020: Selectarc Welding and Reboud-Roche merged into Selectarc. 2021: FSH Welding Group becomes Selectarc Group.